Why Choose Golden Power

We have all done it, started a project just to get half way and realize it is a lot more intensive than the youtube video made it seem. Power washing can be a simple DIY project for small areas and small machines but can quickly become overwhelming when tackling larger areas or excessively dirty.

A pressure washer is not only rated by its PSI (pounds per square inch of cleaning force) it is also rated by Gallons per minute. If you take the two numbers and multiply them it gives you the total cleaning power for the machine. For example a typical rental machine from Home depot is 4,000 psi X 3 Gpm= 12,000 cleaning units. Compare that to commercial equipment that produces 3,500 psi X 6 Gpm = 21,000 cleaning units. Its easy to see a commercial machine can clean much faster and in addition uses 200+ degree hot water.

Additionally a hired service will have other equipment like surface cleaners that will clean much more evenly and not leave unsightly lines in the concrete from using a wand. Chemicals can also be added to enhance the brightness of the completed job, something most people are not comfortable doing themselves.

At Golden Power Washing we combine experience and professionalism to give you a 100% satisfaction guarantee.